Trust Founder

Mr. T S Sateesh is the founder and the managing trustee of the Sri Ranga Seva Trust. Hailing from the Archakar family of the Sri Ranganathan Temple, Tirumali and being brought up there, he was always aware of what the village lacked and in which areas was there a big scope for improvement. This humble yet visionary man now seeks to bring about positive changes in the village of Magadi.

Mr. Sateesh is also the Managing Director and Chairman of one of Bangalore's finest construction firms – Hoysala Projects Pvt. Ltd. – a company he started with a vision. Despite this and being a family man, he tries his best to devote as much time and effort as he can in developing the village. It is therefore, no surprise that the amount of love and regard the people of Magadi hold for him is so unparalleled.


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